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17 Healthy-ish St.Patrick’s Day Treats


Happy St.Patty’s Day! This St. Patrick’s Day may be a little different than before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with delicious snacks & treats! Today we’re talking about 15 easy-to-follow St. Patrick Day inspired treats! I’ve found delicious snack boards, like the ones below, Irish-inspired Soda Bread, Shamrock-shaped goodies, and SO much more!


These recipes are healthy-ish since they’re lower in calories and fats than traditional desserts and appetizers. So you can serve these to friends and family feeling good and not weighed down by the end of the day!


Want to learn more about any of these recipes or ideas? Click the title to be taken to the authors’ website! All photos and recipes belong to their respective authors for creating these yummy treats!

Before you read: Please note ALL photos and recipes below are property of their respective authors and photographers. You can find the owner of each recipe under each photo. The photos and recipe titles all link back to their original creator, so please give them full acknowledgement for their hard efforts! Nutritional information is provided; however, these are estimates and should not be interpreted as facts.


Shamrock Sandwiches

By: Your Healthy Beginning

Introducing my extremely easy-to-make and equally delicious shamrock sandwiches! These St. Patrick’s Day-inspired sandwiches are made with spinach tortillas, turkey, cheese, cucumbers & mustard! They are the perfect snack to serve as an appetizer or add to kids’ lunches! 


St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board

By: Weelicious

We’re starting these St. Patrick’s Day-inspired recipes with this beautiful snack board by Weelicious! The highlight is the perfect shamrock center surrounded by charcuterie favourites!


(another) St. Patrick’s Day Snack Board

By: Eating by Elaine

If you’re looking for a memorable St. Patty’s Day treat, this beautiful snack tray will be a crowd-pleaser! This board here is vegan; however, you can swap out any of your favourite green treats to add!



Healthy Shamrock Shake

By: The Honour System

This healthy shamrock shake is another vegan option made with bananas and matcha! If you’re a matcha lover, this is a must-try.


Shamrock Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

By: Will Cook for Smiles

Sandwiches are an easy crowd-pleaser or a fun activity to make with the kids! These Shamrock Cucumber tea sandwiches are a fun instagramable treat for this St. Patty’s Day!


Leprechaun Hats

By: Creative Foods

Here is a fun snack idea to try this St. Patty’s Day with the kids! These leprechaun hats are made with cucumber, cheese and orange peppers for the hat buckle! This would also be a great idea to add to the snack boards shown above!



Shamrock Avocado Toast

By: Kristen- 360 Family Nutrition

If you’re looking for a fun breakfast idea to serve, these shamrock avocado toasts are a cute addition! Serve with an egg for an extra boost of protein!


St Patty’s Pops

By: Paper & Glue

Want a cool refreshing treat? These Irish-inspired pops are a fun kid-friendly idea or can be served in a cocktail!


Edamame Basil Hummus

By: Two Peas & Their Pods

Edamame dip is a creamy snack idea that can be served with so many options! So grab your favourite crackers, tortillas or other veggies to enjoy!


Green Goddess Pizza

By: Cooking & Beer

If you love pizza and are willing to go outside of your comfort zone, this beautiful green goddess pizza is for you! It’s topped with broccoli, arugula, and avocado to give it that St.Patty’s Day green!


Lucky Spinach Quiche

By: Diamonds for Dessert

If you’re looking for some shamrock-inspired dishes, this lucky spinach quiche is a must-try!


Green Irish Soda Bread

By: Land & Flavours

Soda bread is an easy bread to whip up and very fitting for this Irish Holiday! Bake it the day before and serve with your favourite butter & jams!


Matcha Green Tea & Coconut Pancakes

By: The Healthy Foodie

Why not start St. Patty’s Day with these delicious Matcha & Green Tea Pancakes! This recipe calls for greek yogurt as a topping, but feel free to use whatever you like.


5-Minute Avocado Ranch Dip with Greek Yogurt

By: Two Healthy Kitchens

Looking for a quick dip to throw today? This greek yogurt-based dip is the perfect sharable option you can pair with anything! Then, mix it up with some fresh-cut veggies and multi-grain crackers for a healthier option!


Pea Bruschetta

By: Sprinkles & Sprouts

Love a classic bruschetta? This green pea twist may be the perfect addition to your St.Patty’s day festivities! It’s topped with pea sprouts, which totally could be 4 leaf clovers!


Matcha Banana Coconut Muffins

By: Tonya Staab

If you’re looking for a healthier snack, these matcha banana and coconut muffins are for you!


St. Patrick’s Day Strawberries

By: California Strawberries

Air Fryer Green Beans

By: Domestic Super Hero

With the air fryer being the latest in kitchen gadgets, it only fits that it’s for every Holiday this year! With this fryer air green beans, you can still have that crispy texture while drastically cutting down on fat from oil!

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