Your Healthy Beginning

Your Healthy Beginning

Love How You Live

Your Healthy Beginning

Love How You Live



Hey, Thanks for Stopping By!

So you want to know a little bit about me, well, where do we start…


Back in 2012 (100 years ago), I decided I wanted to lose weight. As someone that was overweight their entire life, I really had no idea what I was doing, but I was going to do it. In 5 months, I lost over 50 pounds, which now, over 10 years later, which looking back wasn’t the smartest idea. In 2013 I went off to university and gained half of it back because I never truly understood what it really took to live a healthy life. Secondly, I learned the reality that just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you’re healthy. 


In my second year of university, I told myself I would learn to do it right, so I ditched the scale and the measuring tape and started tracking my progress based on how I felt. I was still exercising and eating well, but I took the pressure of how much I actually weighed. 


It was then that I learned the secret to weight loss & healthy living: to love how you live. 


I wanted to create a spaced here on the wide web that helped others achieve the goals I had without the stress and failures I did. I want you to walk away from Your Healthy Beginning with a new delicious recipe I know you’re going to love, and that is good for you.


So, stay as long as you’d like & remember to love how you live 💕


The Love Affair with Food

two white bowls of korean chicken stir fry topped with a fried egg and chopsticks

As an Italian, it’s basically mandatory that you learn how to cook. With that being said it wasn’t ever much of a fight for me to learn. By 14(?) I knew how to make the perfect pasta sauce and spaghetti, and from there grew my obsession with learning how to make new things. 

I remember watching the food network all the time growing up, and now I find myself watching back-to-back Instagram Reels on the latest recipes. 

Over the years I’ve gotten to learn how to make some delicious dishes (obviously I’m biased) and of course, why not share them with you. Browse around to find your new fave, let me know in the comments which ones a keeper!


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